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Rodents can multiply very quickly and can do significant damage to your business, house, and furniture through their distressing activities. They can also contaminate your food and other things by the droppings they leave behind. The most direct ways through which diseases are spread are their droppings, urine, saliva and by close contact to them. Rodents can spread many diseases but it is easiest to get rid of them as quickly as possible with experts of rodent control Perth. Same Day Pest Control. Free quotes.

rodent control perth

Signs That There Are Rodents Inside Your House

There are many signs from which you can get to know that your house is cursed by rodent infestation:

  • Dropping –

    Look for droppings along your walls,  under sinks, or in cupboards. If you can find around 50 to 80 droppings in a night then your house is taken over by rodents and you need to have the best services for rodent control Perth.
  • Scratching Noises –

    You can often hear many unusual noises during the night when rodents are very active. Listen for noises under your floorboards, partition walls, in basements, false ceiling, and lofts.
  • Nests –

    Rodents usually use materials which are easy to shred like fabrics and newspapers together with other soft materials to build their nest. You can check suspended ceilings, lofts, under floorboards, cavity walls, behind fridges, in airing cupboards, and under stoves also. 
  • Strong Smell –

    Rodents urinate frequently and their urine contains strong ammonia like smell. This smell will be very strong near their nest or enclosed areas to the nest. The smell of their urine can linger for a long time even after the infestation is removed. 

How to Prevent Rodents From Entering Your House?

  • Stop rodents outside of your house by covering any opening or passage outside of your house.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes to store indoor items rather than you can use plastic, or glass containers to store them.
  • Always keep food in airtight sealed containers including pet food also to prevent the entry of these unwanted guests inside your house. 
  • Always make sure to remove and clean any excess food debris by wiping out the counter regularly.
  • Always call a Professional Pest Control Service in Perth provider to get rid of these rodents. Professionals can find every little opening from where these rodents are entering your house and let you know about the same. Holes in the walls become work as entry points for rodents. 

Hire Same Day Team for Rodent Control Perth.

  • At Same Day Pest Control we understand the trouble in your home, business, or family from the presence of these rodents.
  • We have a team of professionals who are expert in rodent control and removal and will provide effective and quick services to make your property pest-free.

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