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Flea infestation is a very serious issue for every house owner and their family. It can take weeks or even months to control fleas. The flea problem is common for those who have pets. Fleas can enter your house by hiding themselves on the body of animals like rabbits, mice, rats, dogs, cats, and livestock. One gets to know about their presence when they bite, which can result in uncomfortable itchiness and rashes on your body. A heavy infestation can lead to more serious issues. Hence, it is important you hire professionals for flea control Perth from Same Day Pest Control.

flea control perth

Signs Of Flea Infestation 

  • Abnormal Scratching And Licking By Your Pet –

    Once fleas get on the body of your pet either by jumping or crawling, they will hide inside their body areas which are hard to reach, like neck, tail, head. Unusual biting, licking, or scratching by your pet on these places indicates the presence of fleas.
  • Unusual Redness Of Skin –

    Saliva from flea bite can be allergenic for some cats and dogs. Flea bites can cause redness on the skin, rashes anywhere on the body.
  • Hair Fall –

    If a flea bites your dog or cat then your pet can also pull out some hairs due to continuous licking or biting on the flea bite area.
  • Pale Gums –

    If your pet has pale gums then it can be an identification that your pet is suffering from flea infestation. And needs immediate flea and tick fumigation treatment by professionals.

How To Prevent Flea Infestation?

As said prevention is better than cure, there are certain things you can do before taking flea control services.

  • Investigating the yard is the first line of defence to prevent your house from fleas and ticks. These pests always look for a place to hide, if you have a yard with your house then start by trimming grass and shrubs.
  • Keep your pet’s food bowls inside. This will stop the free-range pets from coming into your yard and bringing fleas with them.
  • Whenever your pets come home after playing, you should use a flea comb through them before letting them inside. This will help you to reduce the number of pests they carry inside your house.
  • Immature fleas live in carpeting or rugs present in your house. Vacuuming your carpets regularly will help you to keep the pests away from making their home.
  • Fleas don’t enter your high traffic areas, so always make it sure to clean the places where your sleep or spend time, under furniture, under the cushion, baseboards. You can eliminate a large number of larvae and flea eggs by doing this.

Why Choose Our Company For Flea Control Perth?

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