Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs are the insects that feed on human blood and usually comes on the night. If a bed bug bites you then it can result in various health impacts including skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological effects. Bed bugs love to travel as you do, they will happily move in your clothes, or on your backpack and hop off when they reach somewhere in search of new fresh meat filled with blood to suck on. Bed bug control services is a very important topic for every house owner for the good health of their family.

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

Signs That Bed Bugs Have Infested In Your House

  • Physical Evidence –

    As like humans, bed bugs also leave some physical traces of their presence when they leave any area or space. The skin of bed bugs, their shells can be the pieces of evidence for the presence of bed bugs. Small dark brown or black spots can also be noticed on your bedding which is a sign that bed bugs were pooping on your bed.
  • Bite Marks –

    The worst thing about bed bugs is that they love to feast on us rather than on the materials inside the home. If you suspect any redness, burning, itching, or rashes after you wake up anywhere on your body then it is more likely caused by bed bugs.  
  • Blood –

    During night time feasting done by bed bugs can be so bad that they leave blood spots on your bedding. When they latch and release their hold on your body then these blood droplets are formed.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation?

  • Second hand furniture is a home to bed bugs, so if you tend to buy an old piece of furniture then ensure that it is not infested with bed bugs.
  • Use a second layer of protective cover for your clothes in order to prevent bringing bed bugs at home. Do not take out excessive clothing in case you are spending night in a hotel. 
  • Cut down on clutter within your home, so that there is less space for bed bugs growth.
  • Seal Cracks in tile or any, so that there is no scope left for infestation.

Get The Best Bed Bug Control Services at Same Day Pest Control to Work for You and Fight Against Bed Bugs Hassle-Free.

  • Experts from Same Day Pest Control get into every nook and cranny to spot where these pests are hiding.
  • Our staff provides same day bed-bugs-inspection and fixing services. 
  • Bed bug control services is done as per the latest technology and according to the health standards approved by the australian health regulations.
Expert Bed Bug Control
Expert Bed Bug Control

Hire us today to get rid of bed-bugs forever. For more information, contact us at the following numbers.

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