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Spiders are one of the most mysterious and interesting pests to look at. Spiders are usually harmless but no one loves to see spiders lurking inside their house. Spider invasion is unavoidable and starts in the cold weather and during summer ends the number of spiders increases very frequently. Spiders can be found anywhere inside your house under your pillow, in the corner of your walls, in your shower, inside your drawers, etc.  Hence, it is important to invest in best services for spider control Perth, to live a happy and healthy life inside your home.

spider control perth

Signs Of Spider Infestation Inside Your House

There are very few signs of spider infestation:

  • Webs –

    If you see a spider web occasionally then it is not a problem of spider infestation but if you are knocking it down and see another website on the same spot again and again then you are having active spiders and need to hire pest control company for spider web removal. Pay attention to the areas that you look normally like closets, garage, attic, and crawl space. Because of spiders like those places which are dark and not active, they are like a favourite spot for spiders.
  • Eggs –

    If you confront a sac of spider eggs that means that you are going to have an infestation very soon inside your house. A spider egg sac can hold for around 100 eggs and by any chance, if you are having spiders mating in your home then that number can easily multiply. These sacs are very easy to identify as they are woven of the stuff which spiders use to create webs. You can see them on the underside of tables, cabinet, or countertops and more, connected to them by a string. 
  • Spiders –

    It is very obvious that if you have a spider infestation in your house then you will have to witness a lot of spiders in your house. But the spiders that you can see easily are only a few of them so don’t just brush those spiders away but rather than try to look for a place where these spiders have infested.  

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How To Prevent Spiders From Invasion?

  • Spiders love to hide so cut down the clutter in your house, this will provide very little space for them to hide and you can easily trace and kill them.
  • Close all the holes, gaps, and cracks in windows and doors from preventing spiders sneaking in.
  • Spiders are attracted to other little insects and pests so keep the outdoor lights off to decrease the number of other small insects come around your house.
  • Spiders love to hide in woodpiles, under rocks, and in shrubbery and when it gets cool outside they start coming to your house, so remove extra plants from the perimeter of your house, to stop spider infestation.

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