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Moth control Perth – Get rid of moth infestation with the help of experts. The moth is an insect related to butterfly but it is considered as a pest because many of its species during the larval stage have destructive tendencies. They can be easily found inside buildings and homes and their larvae eat a variety of foods, and they even eat natural fibres like silk and wool. Moths and butterflies are the same in their looks but the butterflies have balls on the end of their antennae and moths do not. 

Moths with their white cocoons and feces are capable of contaminating the food and clothes. Coming in contact with infested textile and food can lead to allergic reactions, intestinal diseases, and skin irritations for humans and pets both.

moth control perth

Signs of Moth Infestation

The most common sign of moth infestation in your homes is holes in your clothes because moths lay eggs on fabrics and the larvae of the eggs, devour the fabrics. Moths also eat wool and silk as well as feathers and leather. So whenever you are pulling out a wool sweater and see irregular holes all over it then there are moths in your house and you need to have a moth control.

If you suspect moth corpse lying around or alive moths around your home, then you know that moths have set up their home inside. In your pantry, you can also surmise moth infestation as they love to eat cereals, bread, and some type of fruits and grains. You might see webbing on clothes and caterpillar looking larvae.

How To Stop Moth Infestation?

There are so many DIY techniques which claim to prevent or kill moths but none of those techniques is a satisfaction to be successful. The best treatment against moth infestation is to call our Same Day Pest Control Professional Pest Control Service in Perth.

Our moth control experts can help and tell you about how to get rid of moths effectively. A professional from Same Day Pest Control will inspect your house for the problem of infestation, what they are eating and from where they are entering your house.  

Moth Prevention Tips

  • Always make sure to clean cupboards, drawers, pantries, and closets.
  • Always make sure that food is stored in closed and airtight containers.
  • With vacuuming your floors also pay attention to vacuum your closets. 
  • Empty garbage bags regularly to get rid of larvae.
  • You must clean your clothing.

Why Choose Our Professionals for Moth Control Perth?

  • The professionals of Same Day Pest Control are always punctual and expert in work.
  • We take care of the proper satisfaction of customer after work.
  •  All the products used by our company are eco-friendly and patented. 
  • Same day pest inspection service is also provided.
  • Use of eco-friendly chemicals in the removal and control of pests at home.
  • Safe and on-time service.

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