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Ant is usually the most irritating pest and is also known for staving backyards and areas with food and moisture. These pests are incredibly capable and very intelligent creatures. These pests are harmless and transmit diseases very rarely but they are difficult to get rid of as they can easily take over the places where food and moisture are present such as bathrooms and kitchens. These pests can very easily infiltrate of taking over your household, so it is always recommended to hire the professionals for ant control Perth.

ant control perth

How Would You Get To Know About Ant Infestation In Your Home?

  • Whenever there is an ant infestation in your home then your food leftovers, crumbs which are exposed are never safe. Ants will automatically sniff to the exposed food, and you can see the ants crawling towards it. To prevent such problems store all the leftover food in the refrigerator or airtight sealed containers. 
  • Whatever food is available in open ants will eat that, including your pet’s food too. If you have pets then you can see a trail of ants moving towards or inside their bowls.
  • Ants always search for food, there search for food is a continuous act which never stops. Whenever there is ant infestation, inside you will witness plenty of scout ants roaming in all around areas.  
  • Ants will not generally build their nests inside your home, but due to the nests which are in close distance to the house, infestations are accompanied by them. You can look for molds of dirt outside with plenty of ants around it.

How To Prevent Ant Infestation?

  • Remove excess vegetables, yard debris, old landscapes, that assist as a breeding or nesting site for these unwanted invaders inside your houses.
  • You should sweep floors regularly and wipe down the counters to remove residue from spills and small pieces of food to stop the trails of ants entering your kitchen.
  • Always keep the ripe fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator and other food in airtight sealed containers.
  • Look for the moisturized areas like under the sink, damp basements, and crawl spaces. Use a dehumidifier in those places to prevent ants from making the nest. 
  • Look for areas around your houses where there is standing water as ants need water for their survival, remove the water from that area or you can also cover the water with sand or dust to eliminate water.
  • Inspect the outside of your home looking for the entry points of ants and seal the cracks and gaps in flooring vents, basement, roofing vents, and near plumbing. No matter how small will be the gaps but you should seal them up as ants can enter even through the smallest cracks and gaps.
  • You can also hire professionals for ant control Perth. Same Day Pest Control experts simply use traps for catching ants.

Why Choose Us for Ant Control Perth?

  • Contact Same Day Pest Control and we will arrange a local team for you in perth. 
  • Experts from our company will discuss your pest infestation and techniques going to be used for pest control in Perth.
  • All the tools and pesticides used in the treatment are safe to human.
  • Free quotes available.

Our customer care team will take care of all the queries and complaints while ant control services.

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