Why Pest Reappear

The pest problem is a nasty issue. It is quite annoying for every homemaker. Pest problem is almost impossible to eliminate from the root with manual attempts. Every time we do some household trick and the pest menace get reduced. But after some again we experience the same thing.

We need a permanent solution to the Pest Infestation. When we try manual remedy to control the pests, it cannot remove them from the origin so after some days they appear again.

Why Pest Reappear
Why Pest Reappear

Significance of a Professional Pest Control Service

The ultimate solution to the issue is a Professional Pest Control Brisbane. It is also advisable to go for a Pest inspection even if you don’t have the pest issue. Prevention is always better than cure. Book a good pest control service and ensure a pest free life at your home and office. Professional Pest control service can only remove the pest from the origin. They also assure the non appearance of the pest infestation again.

Many homes especially with children experience Ant Control Services. It is quite difficult to get rid of ants from your home. Ants come due to kitchen mess. Sometimes the kids spread foodstuff and sweets and chocolate here and there which cause the ants coming.

Homemakers try lots of tricks to remove the ant’s infestation but never have they got a 100 percent success.

Tips to Avoid Ants Infestation

There are a few tips thing that every homemaker should follow without fail is to maintain a good sanitation practice at home after getting the pest removal done by the pest control service.

  • The kitchen area and gas stove platform should be clean from all type of foodstuffs.
  • The crumbs, spills, wastage, garbage and kitchen bin should be kept clean.
  • It is advisable to use zip-top bags to store food items attractive to ants.
  • Food should be kept in airtight jars with a sealed lid.
  • Be careful when you keep honey or sweet items.
Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

Tips to Treat Ants Infestation

There are other manual processes which can be followed if you already struggling with the ant’s menace.

  • The Borax Treatment: You can treat the ant by putting borax powder to a sugar peanut mixture. It will discourage them to come again.
  • Peppermint Oil Treatment: Some ants cannot bear the smell of peppermint oil smell. Keeping the cotton ball with Peppermint oil in the places where the ants crawl around can be useful.
  • Other Treatment: Apart from that Cinnamon, baby powder and Vaseline also work in some cases.

We suggest you take the assistance of a professional pest control service provider and eliminate the issue from the root. They have advanced techniques to deal with the issue without harming the home environment.
Hiring a professional pest control service is better than doing the task on your own. Same Day Pest Control are the Professional Pest Control Brisbane guys having the best knowledge to deal with all type of pest issues. We are open on Sundays now. Pick you phone and call us today to our best service.