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Are you troubled and disturbed due to wasps and wasp nest in your surroundings? Are you in search of professional and effective wasp nest removal Brisbane? Your search ends with Same Day Wasp Control! We at Same Day Wasp Control offer the most effective, durable and economic wasp removal Brisbane, bee removal Brisbane and wasp nest removal Brisbane. What’s more is, as our name suggests, our services are provided to you on the same day!

The outbreak of wasp infestations, bother both, residential and commercial establishments. Our professional help in keeping your home as well as your workplace free from wasps, wasp nests, bees and other critters! Our specialists are experts in Brisbane wasp identification and provide you speedy and efficient and courteous services.  Read on to know more about our services, processes etc.

Wasp Removal Brisbane

Types of Wasps and Wasp Nests

Wasp nests are made be made by different species of wasps, using different materials. Wasp nests in your surroundings could be any of the following:

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps construct their nests from their saliva and chewed wood. The nests are bowl-shaped. The brooding cells are visible from the covering.

Mud Daubers Wasps:

Mud wasps make their nests from dry mud. The nests are normally seen in side walls, sheds and windows.

Yellow jacket Wasps

Yellow jacket Wasps build their nests in trees, abandoned vehicles, plant, pots etc. Hexagonal cells contain the eggs.

Cicada Killer Wasps

Cicada killer wasps stay under the soil. They can destroy tree root, patios and even bricks.

Potter Wasps

Potter wasp nests look like miniature clay pots and are made of dirt and water. They can be commonly found on the walls of buildings.

Importance of Wasp Removal Brisbane

People tend to underestimate risks and hazards that wasp infestations and wasp nests bring with them. Wasps are, by and large, aggressive pests. They react to any kind of disturbances, with painful, poisonous stings. They also pose health risks, especially to people having allergies. That is why, wasp nest removal Brisbane or wasp removal Brisbane is always a priority and never a luxury!

It is noteworthy that honey bees sting only once. However, wasps can and do bite multiple times and unfortunately, wasp stings are much more painful! Wasps can attack a crowd of a few hundred people at one single time. More dangerously, the stings can be lethal.

Victims of wasp bite may experience different kind of mild to severe allergic reactions after the sting and mighty even need medical treatment. Wasp infestations and wasp nests in any premises not only damage or cause loss to the property but also pose health risks to the inhabitants, especially senior citizens, kids and pets!

The best thing to do when you suspect wasps, or wasp nests in your surroundings, is to call Same Day Pest Control for Brisbane wasp identification and wasp nest removal Brisbane!

Process for Wasp Nest Removal Brisbane

Process for Wasp Nest Removal Brisbane

Technicians and cleaners at Same Day Pest Control engage different methods and processes such as drenching, dusting, spraying wasp traps, baiting etc., for wasp nest removal Brisbane, depending on the kind of infestation and its severity. The common methods are fumigation, traps, baits, insecticide sprays etc.

The method of fumigation tends to appear ancient to many people. It is however, a very effective and economical method to get rid of wasps, bees and other pests. In this method, our expert cleaners light a fire below the nest. Once the smoke rises it seeps into the nests. The smoke suffocates the wasps and forces them out.

Another method of wasp removal Brisbane is to spray an approved and registered insecticide of standard quality for the purpose. It is highly advisable to carry out treatments such as wasp removal Brisbane bee removal Brisbane or wasp nest removal Brisbane during morning or night hours, when wasps tend to be less active.

What Makes Us Your Ideal Choice

The following highlights of services from Same Day Pest Control make us your ideal choice:

  • We offer Brisbane wasp identification by highly skilled and professionally trained experts, followed by treatments plans tailored to site and the corresponding needs.
  • We have earned the trust and satisfaction of thousands of residential and non-residential clients with our courteous effective and economical services.
  • Same day service, in keep with our name!
  • Modern technology and eco-friendly methods and procedures of wasp removal Brisbane.
  • Qualified and authorised technicians, certified APCA and TAFE
  • Free of cost quotations, friendly and courteous service.
  • Experienced and leaders in the field of wasp nest removal Brisbane, for decades.
  • Total money back guarantee

When you consider the above, Same Day Pest Control stands out as the best on many counts!

Wasp Removal Brisbane for Residential and Commercial Sites

Wasp nest removal Brisbane is essential for both, residential as well as non-residential premises. Wasps, bees and other pests are a turn off for guests and visitors to your homes, apart from being a major health risk to your dear ones. In case of non-residential premises, pest infestations are detrimental to your business, especially for customer or service-oriented establishments such restaurants, motels, dormitories, hospices etc. in extreme cases, they could become a reason for temporary or permanent closure of your establishment!

Wasps and pests do not differentiate between residential and commercial sites! They make their nests almost anywhere, where they find food and shelter. The real fear is, if you disturb them even unknowingly, they respond in the most painful and damaging way! The wasp bite feels like a hot needle piercing your skin.

People usually get bitten by wasps while doing gardening or cleaning and they unknowingly knock a wasp nest. Wasps or other pests could be small in size, but the harm they cause, turns out be above their size and weight! Wasp bites could also occur while attempting DIY methods of wasp removal Brisbane, which end up doing more harm than good!

How to Avoid Wasp Infestations

You could unknowingly attract wasps because a single wasp is enough to get the infestation ball rolling! Where there is one, more usually follow. There are some things you can do, to avoid wasps and a nest in your garden or in your porch!

  • When partying or eating outside, keep food and beverages covered.
  • Keep your yard free of fallen and rotten fruits, puddles, litter.
  • Plant flower plants at a distance from your home / other structures
  • Ensure doors or windows are covered with nets or meshes.
  • Seal entry points, such as holes, cracks and crevices. This prevents wasps from building nests inside your premises.

Ideally you should not try to control a wasp infestation, independently. Whenever you do suspect an infestation, neither panic nor postpone! The easiest way of wasp nest removal Brisbane is to call Same Day Pest Control.

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