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Types of Ticks and Harm They Cause

People usually do not step outside their homes during winters and prefer doing it when the weather gets warmer. Tick infestation snaps on people and their pets when summer season occurs.

Ticks can cause many health problems for people and their pets too. Tick bites can lead to diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted pyrexia. Therefore, if you ever detect ticks inside your pet’s fur then call a Professional Pest Control in Melbourne service immediately. And here’s everything you need to know about ticks and the harm they cause and preventing measures.

Types Of Ticks, The Diseases They Cause And Preventing Measures

  • Blacklegged (Deer) Tick –

    The black-legged (deer) tick is designated for its ill-famed swarthy limbs and is seldom alluded to as a stag tick because it usually likes to feed on them. black-legged ticks are distinguished to cause Lyme infection, anaplasmosis, human babesiosis, Powassan encephalitis, and more.
  • Preventing Measures –

    The best way to prevent them is to keep the garden area of your house clean and keep all the clutter away. You should also keep your garments cleaned and use repellent to kill them.
  • Diseases They Spread –

    Blacklegged (Deer) Tick are known for spreading anaplasmosis, Lyme disease and human babesiosis. And symptoms of Lyme disease are restlessness, cephalalgia, weakness and a rounded skin redness around the wound. Blacklegged (Deer) Tick usually snap on people’s back and neck. 
  • Brown Dog Tick –

    Brown dog ticks are distinguished for its colour. These ticks are not common. Coffee-coloured, however, they can convert in the dusk and sky-blue colour when engorged. Brown dog ticks are everywhere and they are about 1/8” to 1/2” tall and are oblong-shaped and flat.
  • Diseases They Spread –

    A virus for puppies, spreading tick-borne disorders such as Rocky Mountain pyrexia canine ehrlichiosis and canine Babesia. Hence tick control becomes a major concern you should only call the professionals to avoid severe consequences.
  • Preventive Measures –

    Avoid wearing dark clothing and regularly check your pets for ticks and keep the house clean.
  • Bush Ticks –

    The bush tick is a parasite of cows, lambs and other hot-blooded mammals. In few areas of Australia and other nations, reduced livestock increase prices and infection due to anaemia can happen, although Bush ticks have not caused such problems in Australia.
  • Diseases They Spread –

    Bush ticks can cause q fever, Flinders Island spotted fever (FISF), and Australian spotted fever (ASF). It is further considered that babesiosis can be spread by bush ticks to humans.
  • Preventing Measures –

    Keep your whole body covered to not get bitten by these ticks. Keep your garden cleaned and use pest repellent.

Hire The Professionals

Call the experts of Same Day Pest Control if you are facing problems because of ticks. Ticks can spread many diseases to humans and pets, therefore, it is really necessary to keep them away from your home and if you do not want to get bitten by them then call a professional tick exterminator today. You will get these services at affordable pest control costs. We also provide you   We have years of expertise in this industry. And our technicians are fully prepared to control all types of pest infestations so call the experts today.

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