How To Stop Ant Infestation In The Kitchen?

If you tired of seeing ants in your kitchen, you must be looking for a permanent solution to stop the ant infestation. Ants are very quick and you are aware of that they can be an occasional annoyance to a constant pest. Ants can be really annoying while preparing food, also it’s a very difficult task to deal with the ants, either they don’t come and if they come, they bring their whole colony, which makes the situation messy. However, some household items can be used as a repellent, by reading this blog you can learn the precise technique to deal with the Ant and Rodents Infestation.

Ant Infestation

Ant Infestation

Here Are Some Steps For Ant Control.

Below paragraphs contains the information about ants pest control, read it carefully for better results.

Find Out Where Ants Are Coming From.

The problems of ant infestation start when they find a way into your kitchen, our kitchen area is always occupied with food items, which attracts ants. Look for signs where ants come from, ants usually march along with fellow ants in a trail, follow the trail and look where they’re coming from. Once you identify the area, take action. Clean the area using a commercial disinfectant, if there’s a crack, where ants are coming from, seal the cracks and stop ants from coming again.

Preventive Measures For Ants Using Counter Natural Homemade Ingredients.

You can prevent ants from coming inside your home, by using some ingredient which is available easily in a home, you can get rid of ants. In order to do the process, you need vinegar and water, pour half cup of vinegar in half a cup of water. Then, pour this solution in a spray bottle and mix it well. The solution you’ve made is ready to use and provide a good result.

Spray this solution directly on ants, the sharp scent of vinegar would make ants go away. Apply this spray on the suspected area where ants usually roam. This method is effective for ant control, you can use this solution whenever ants march through your home.

Ant Control

Ant Control

When Life Gives You Lemons Squueze It And Use It To Repel Ants.

Lemon has a refreshing aroma, and it’s also a good disinfectant, lemon is also the best alternative if you don’t like the foul smell of the vinegar. Collect one cup of lemon juice by squeezing lemons and then add 4 cups of warm water in it. Use this water to mop the floor of your kitchen, the essence of lemon would repel ants and they won’t come.

Besides these you can use spices as well, the spices have strong scents which suppresses the chemical exchange of pheromones between ants.

All the spices have the power to alter the chemical process occurring between ants.

  • Black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chilli pepper
  • Clove
  • Bay leaves
  • Mint leaves
  • Basil leaves

You can use the above ingredients to repel ants, prepare a fine powder by grinding them all. Then, shower it on the ants or places where ants are making their way inside your kitchen.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Call Professionals Pest Control Services.

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