4 Ways To Get Rid Of Opposums From Your Yard?

Possums are a calm in nature and avoid nuisance, moreover, they play a significant role in ecology by being a scavenger animal. However, sometimes infected with a certain disease they become aggressive and may become dangerous. But there’s no as such serious risk if possums are living in your yard with a small population. They’ll eat insects, decaying fruits and maintain the cleanliness in your garden. The problem arrives when they’re heavily infested, the risk of possum related disease have risks. Possums carry numerous disease with them, which are contagious, some of the diseases are coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, Chagas, trichomoniasis and leptospirosis. While these diseases sound like a tongue twister, you don’t need to go in depth, just know that possums are bad and possum control must be done to stop them from terrorizing your yard.

Possum Pest Control

Possum Pest Control

Set Up A Motion Alarm For Possum Control.

Install a motion alarm to scare the possums, possums are a shy creature, if something all of a sudden happens they’ll get scared and leave the premises immediately

You can also install a water sprinkler motion alarm. It’ll not only cause panic but scare them more by showering water on them. This is an effective way to deal with possums.

Set Up A Box Trap For Possum Control.

A cage trap would capture the possum. Put some food item inside the cage and leave it for a night, they’ll fall for it and end up being imprisoned.

Make sure the box trap you’re choosing is big enough. A small trap may not large enough to provide space for entrance, also a big cage will have space for more possums.

Possum Removal Pest Control

Possum Removal Pest Control

Stop Them From Entering Into Your Yard.

Do not leave your trash open, keep it tightly closed. Feed your pet inside your house, ever wondered where the remaining food from your pet bowl has gone, well,  the remaining food might be eaten by the possum. So, clear the excess food from the pet bowl. Also, clean the fruits, which might have fallen from the tree. These fruits feed the possum and they take shelter in your yard.

Get The Commercial Spray From The Market.

Spraying commercial spray over your yard would make the possum go away. But read the label first, too much consistency of spray might damage your plants. You can make your own spray by using some household items. Fresh garlic paste and hot water make good possum deterrent spray. Spreading mothball in the yard would also make possum go away, they can’t tolerate the smell.

Reach Out To Professional Possum Pest Control Companies.

Professional pest control services are best to deal with pests as they have proper solutions for possum control. If you’re looking for pest control services then come to us, we at Same Day Pest Control would take care of your garden and make your garden possum free. We’re the best possum pest control service, provider. We’re best professional pest control, make bookings from our website and choose from our wide range of services.

Professional Possums Pest Control

Professional Possums Pest Control